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Nov 28, 2011 at 03:00 PM

Solution Manager 7.1 Upgrade - Error in phase PREPARE_JSPM_QUEUE


We are in the process of upgrading our Solution Manager 7.0 EHP1 SP27 system to Solution Manager 7.1 SP3 and we have hit a problem during the initial steps of the upgrade. The Initialization phase nad the Extraction phase have both completed successfully and the Configuration step is now running. This has completed for the ABAP stack and has encountered an error for the Java stack in phase PREPARE_JSPM_QUEUE.

The error message is :-

An error has occurred during the execution of the PREPARE_JSPM_QUEUE phase.

The validation of the deploy queue was not successful. Validation of queue sapjup-queue completed with error The stack does not match the system. Probably the system was changed after the stack was generated. Synchronize the system with SAP Solution Manager and then generate a new stack. Software feature SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.0 EHP 1: Solution Manager ABAP Stack with ID 012003146909000008331 is found on the system but not in the list of expected system software features in the stack. JSPM version is Current JSPM log directory is /usr/sap/NSD/DVEBMGS00/j2ee/JSPM/log/log_2011_11_28_13_38_42. The following SAP Note 1399846 may contain solution for the problem.

You can find more information in the log file /var/tmp/71upgrade/SOLMANUP/java/log/PREPARE_JSPM_QUEUE_CSZ_06.LOG.

Use the information provided to troubleshoot the problem. An SAP Note may provide a solution to this problem. Search for SAP Notes with the following key words: The validation of the deploy queue was not successful. PREPARE_JSPM_QUEUE INIT NetWeaver Enhancement Package Installation SAPJup Java Enhancement Package Installation

When reporting problems to SAP Support, attach the trouble ticket file /var/tmp/71upgrade/SOLMANUP/java/log/TroubleTicket_10.txt to your message

When I have a look at the upgrade XML file, there is no entry 012003146909000008331 in the file the entry in the file is 01200314690900000833 all the entries in the XML file are 20 characters in length and correspond to the different SAP PPMS ids. The value that the Java upgrade is complainig about is 21 characters in length and therfore seems to be wrong.

Has anyone encountered this problem or something similar and how do we go about fixing it.


Bill Martin