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Former Member
Nov 28, 2011 at 02:57 PM

BOXI X3.1 to X3.1 server migration


Hello Fellow Admins,

I am new to deploying BOXI servers and am looking for some advice. I have to setup and deploy a new instance of BOXI 3.1 on a new server due to issues with the previous BOXI server and have a few questions for our community.

For these questions I will refer to my current server as "A" and my new server as "B".

Both Servers are Windiws based 2008 servers.

Both BOXI systems are X3.1 SP3

1) I simply stop the SIA on both servers A & B and then point the B server SIA to the database used by server A?

If not,

2) Should I use the Import Wizard to import data from Server A to Server B


3) Should I use the Database Copy tool in the CCM instead?

4) If I copy or import data from A to B, do the scheduled instances also come over in the import/copy?

Thank you.