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Former Member
Nov 28, 2011 at 03:08 PM

FR straight-line depr by day & decl-balance by period & derived area


Hi experts,

In ECC6 for a French company, we have configured an asset class as following:

- depreciation area 01 - using a depreciation key with straight-line depreciation to the day

- depreciation area 02 - using a depreciation key with declining-balance by period

- depreciation area 03 - derived area 02-01 ; as we do not want to have any depreciation calculated in area 03 if accumulated depreciation in area 01 is higher than depreciation area 02, we have configured area 03 with only negative net book value accepted.

These settings comply with legal requirements in France.

This configuration was working in R/3 versions, but does not work anymore in ECC6. We are blocked by the message AA087 "The depreciation area 03 cannot be processed, because it was not transferred to the function module for breaking down the derived depreciation area." We can resolve this by setting the indicator "Area for reporting purposes only" on depreciation area 03 but then this calculates depreciation regardless on whether accumulated depreciation in area 01 is less or more than accumulated depreciation in area 02.

I suppose this problem must have been met in France several times since ECC6 is available but I could not find any discussion or OSS note on this. I am therefore looking for someone who has already faced this issue and has found a configuration setting, an OSS note or an acceptable workaround.

Many thanks.