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Apr 07, 2005 at 04:04 PM

Method processPlatinScript in APPLET platinGUI(SAP GUI for Java) dsn't work


Hi, All!

I want to embed SAP GUI for Java to my HTML page as applet and do some actions after it logons to SAP system.

I noticed (decompiled GuiApplet.class file in platincoreS.jar), that in <b>SAP GUI for Java ver. 6.30 rev83</b>, the GuiApplet class, referenced as 'PlatinGUI' in help example for that GUI has one more method called <b>processPlatinScript</b>. But, unfortunately it doesn't work, when I embed the APPLET into HTML page using tag <OBJECT>, and then call this method using local JavaScript in HTML page, like this:

<OBJECT> ...

<PARAM NAME="connectionData" VALUE = "valid connection data" >



var str;

str = "application.FindById(/usr/app/conn[0].....).Text".




If I open such an HTML page in my browser (IE 6.0), I receive the following message on this call:

"can't create global script handler"

and the GUI Script doesn't run.

Who knows why? What should I do else?.

Thanks everybody in advance!