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Nov 28, 2011 at 06:05 AM

EFashion Example Queries


I am trying the EFashion tutorial at

I am getting an error trying to see the results of the final infocube in Ms-Excel. but seems that I might be having problems in the more basic steps .

I have verified that the data has been succesfully loaded in the tables.

I created the 4 attribute views and the one analytical view .

Attribute view (AT_ARTICLE_LOOKUP) of Table "ARTICLE_LOOKUP" HAS ARTICLE_ID as key attribute , category and family name as attributes.

when I right click on the the context menu of the atttibute view (AT_ARTICLE_LOOKUP) and choose the Data preview, I get this error. DBTech JDBC:[391] (at 69) : invalidated view : efashion/AT_ARTICLE_LOOKUP:line 1

However I have already validated and activated it with no errors . I am using the database user "SYSTEM"

how can I resolve this . I feel if I get this part right , I can get the rest of the stuff higher in the food chain right .