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Nov 27, 2011 at 11:11 AM

problem in reading the modified text from text editor


Hi all,

Im using text editor for saving the long text entered in the text editor as standard text in So10 tcode.

Here im facing an issue in reading the text from text editor. That is, when the text is entered by the user for first time, then the below method reads the text successfully. But when i do some changes in the existing text present in the text editor and try to read, then the modified text is not returned by the below method.

I use the "CALL METHOD g_editor_ftext1->get_text_as_stream" to read the text. Given below is my code.

CALL METHOD g_editor_ftext1->get_text_as_stream


text = ig_text_table

is_modified = g_xthead_updkz


error_dp = 1

error_cntl_call_method = 2


The return value of "is_modified" is always returned as 0.

Could anyone pls help how to read the modified text using the above method?