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Apr 07, 2005 at 11:10 AM

XI-J2EE server Down


Hello community,

1) We have installed XI 3.0 SR1 on WAS 6.40 (ABAP + J2EE).

It was working successfully.

We even tried scenarios having IDOC Adapter FILE adpeter.

2) When we created a web service on same server, as part of configuration

transaction "wsadmin" GOTO > administration > gave URL for J2EE Engine.

Web service also worked fine.

3) after this we all developers were getting authentication errors, so restarted the server.

4) But J2EE server didnt come up after that.

5) In SAP MANAGEMENT CONSOLE all instances are started.

6) In SMICM transaction GO TO -->HTTP SERVER -->DISPLAY DATA shows following

Application ServerState

HTTP Application Server Handler

ABAP Server operational = TRUE

J2EE Server configured = true

J2EE HTTP port=

J2EE HTTPS port =

J2EE Server operational = false

Default root access handler = ABAP

URL Prefix Table loaded = TRUE

URL Prefix Table

URL Prefix Virtual Host Case Sensitive Part

/sap/bw/xml/soap/queryview/ :;

/sap/public/formgraphics/ :;

/sap/ :;

7) SM 21 LOG shows

operating system call recv failed

What can be the problem that J2EE server is not coming up?

Can some one give some clue?


Deepti patil