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Nov 26, 2011 at 11:01 PM

deleting sid table entries for non-master data characteristics


We are trying to load a cube to BWA with accounting document number and co document number as characteristics. The sid table holds over 600 million records. We would like to delete unused entries however when we try to run the delete from RSA1 it times out. Also in SAP help it states that this is only useful in exceptional cases however it seems logical that the clean up of the table entries before loading to BWA is an exceptional case. The first time we tried to load a cube with this characteristic we had to abandon the load due to long runtime. I would like to know why we would not delete this data. Also how to run the entire process in background. And this might be for the BWA forum but if there is any tips for getting this high volume data loaded to BWA.

Also I see many inserts into a generated table /bi0/0* being done after I respond to the pop up in RSA1. I looked up the table and it seems to be another sid table.