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Nov 26, 2011 at 06:48 PM

Applying Oracle Patch problem


Hey Guys,

I am trying to install ECC 6 on sandbox, and i am at phase 16(check oracle patch) so far.

My sandbox operating system is AIX 6.1

First i shutdown the database and the listener

This is the part where i have to install the Oracle patch.

Oracle version:

Patch version:

i downloaded the following patches for

and placed it in this directory. /oracle/ID1/kk

Unzipped the OPatch and MOPatch in my ORACLE_HOME directory. /oracle/ID1/102_64

Then executed this command with orasid user.

/bin/sh $ORACLE_HOME/MOPatch/ \

-v -s /oracle/ID1/kk

This is where the error started to happen.

here is the output: (click to view)





then i checked the log






On Output9 it says "Patch 9352164: Required component(s) missing : [ oracle.rdbms.rsf, ]"

can that be the issue?

Help would be appreciated.