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Nov 26, 2011 at 07:24 PM

Processo Venda à Ordem (Venda Triangular) - Cancelar Pedido de Compras


Olá Pessoal,

Personal Olá,

We are configuring a process of Triangular Sales in accordance with building block J54. However in this document it does not deal with a process cancellation of the Order of Sales. Below I describe the stages of the process

1. Order of Sales generates an automatic solicitation;

2. The Order of Purchases and generated automatically through transaction ME59 (until here all good);

3. When cancelling the sales order the system shows the error message saying that it cannot be cancelled why has subsequentes documents (the order of purchases/010 is created).

4. I eliminated the order of purchases and the error remained saying that it is not possible to eliminate why it has subsequentes documents. It has some configuration so that the cancellation of the Order of Sales automatically cancels the solicitation of purchases and the order?

*Não was effected no mmovimentação of merchandise (remittance and/or entrance merchandise).



English is the language of these translate before posting.

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