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Nov 26, 2011 at 08:51 AM

Basic start date and basic finish date in the maintenance sub-order IW36


Hi guys,

when I create a maintenance sub-order by the transaction IW36 are the Basic start date and the Basic finish date taken,inherited from the principal Maintenance order?And if it is in this way,is there the possibility to put these two dates as a current day only on the maintenance sub-order ?

My requirement is that I want to create sub-order for defect operations in the superior order. But I want to give the basic start date as below for the sub-order.

DATA : lv_date_diff TYPE i.

  • caufvd_imp-gstrp - basic start date of superior order

  • caufvd_imp-gltrp - basic end date of superior order

lv_date_diff = caufvd_imp-gltrp - caufvd_imp-gstrp.

caufvd_exp-gstrp = sy-datum.

caufvd_exp-gltrp = sy-datum + lv_date_diff.

I have used the enhancement IWO10001 to change the basic start and finish date for sub-orders but the problem is whenever I am activating the EXIT in project, I am executing the transaction IW36 and passing order type, Superior order and plant but its showing me an error 'Enter the plant' and again when I am passing plant its clearing the superior order and asking to enter the same and vise versa. kindly help me out.

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