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Nov 25, 2011 at 02:17 PM

Query on MRP to consider vendor holidays


Dear All,

In my industry MRP creates the purchase requisition for the raw material. These materials are procured from different vendors. The vendor has some holidays during the upcoming christmas and we would like MRP to take these holidays into account and propose the "Release Date" of the MRP Purchase requisitions. How should it be made possible.

For eg. a PR for material A has a planned date = 02.01.2012, GR processing time of this material is 5 days. Hence Delivery date of PR = 27.12.2011. Planned delivery date of the item is 5 days, hence the release date of the PR is 19.11.2011. This is the current setup. However the vendor which supplies this material is closed from 20.11.2011 to 23.11.2011. Hence we want MRP to consider this 3 days holiday and propose the release date of PR as 16.11.2011. Can anyone let me know how this could be made possible.

Thanks in advance.