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Nov 25, 2011 at 02:06 PM

Display inspection text from material in inspection lot


Issue: I have setup a material with "Inspection text" in the "Additional data" section of the material. Now I want to have this text somehow added to the inspection lot, so that the processor of the lot can see this text and adjust his checks.

First idea was to modify the "inspection instruction" form and include the inspection text from the material, but as standard setting the instruction cannot be simply displayed in the lot. One has to print it and then leave the transaction in order to get it processed to the spool.

My questions are

1.) Is is somehow possible to have the inspection instruction displayed within the transaction, so that the processor can view inspection instruction and check if an inspection text is present or not

2.) Would it be possible to use e.g. BADI "QPL1_SUBSCREEN_ADDON" to display this text within the lot, and has someone already done this before?