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Nov 25, 2011 at 10:36 AM

Cache refresh policy does not work for my model


Hi to all.

I have an application which contains two MBOS ( order and orderitem) made by only a RFC Function getlist.

The function retuns two tables: order and item. In my model order MBO is related 1->N with oderitem

My goal with this application is create or modify orderitems for a created order in R3.

Order MBO contains a operacion type CREATE which have a import estructure order, a table orderitem and a order_id like export parameter. My cache group policy is "update cache after the create" and the MBO is included in set to scheduled once a day.

My problem is that when I execute the method CREATE from my device and I add for example two orderitems, the cache is not update so Other devices can not see the operation in their devices until the cache refresh is runned( once a day).

My two question are:

- Cache refresh policy ( update cached) does not work for childs MBO??

- In this case, Can I use DCN to update the cache after a order is updated in R3??? In this case? Is possible to update the two related MBO with the same message DCN ( by URL)??

Thanks and regards