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Nov 25, 2011 at 08:17 AM

Impacts in COPA of changing material and customer master data


Dear experts,

In my company we are considering following scenario:

Currently mySAPerp 6.0 is implemented for all modules for the mother company.

We have developed a new global template where there are significant changes versus the existing system, especially in the SD processes. Material and customer master also change significantly in terms of content in the tables/fields and/or values in the fields.

The idea was to build the template from scratch in a new machine and roll-out all group affiliates, but now we are considering the possibility of making an evolutionary of the current system and try to stretch it to the processes defined in the global template.

The scenario we want to analyze is: Keeping same organizational structure in terms of Company code, CO area and Operating Concern in existing SAP client and make an evolutionary of the existing settings to the global template processes.

The doubts we are having are the following:

Changing material & customer master data: Impact in COPA

Option 1: Material master data and customer master data codes are maintained but content in the tables/fields is changed substantially, both in terms of logical content of specific fields and/or the values in the specific fields. We have following examples of changes.

Case 1: source field in material master changes logical content. E.g. Material master field MVGR1 is currently used for product series (design line) and the content changes to be the Market Segment. The product series will be moved to a classification field. At least 5 other fields are affected by this. How can data in terms of COPA line items be converted so that they are aligned at time of reporting?

Case 2: the source field is not changed so that the logical content of the field remains but the values change, i.e. for the same concept there will be different codifications. How can data in terms of COPA line items be converted so that they are aligned at time of reporting?

Case 3: Characteristics where currently the source material master field is a Z field and the derivation is via table look up and where the Z field changes to a classification field. How can you convert the existing COPA line items to ensure that attributes are aligned? Should new characteristics be created or just change the derivation logic of the characteristic?

Option 2: Material master data and customer data codes are re-created (codification of records is changed), meaning that new material and customer codes will exist and content in tables/fields is changed (as in option 1)

Case: material and customer codes are changed. How can data in terms of COPA line items be converted so that they are aligned at time of reporting?

Iu2019ve never phased a similar scenario and I fear that maintaining operating concern while changing source master data and also SD flows (we have new billing types, item categories, sales doc. Types, order reasons) may lead to inconsistencies and problems in COPA.

I would like to ask you experts if you have come across a similar scenario and if from your experience, it is something feasible to do or there are many risks involved. What can be the impact of this scenario in existing Operating Concern for both option 1 and 2 and what would be the key activities to perform to adapt the existing operating concern. What will be the impact of the needed conversions on P&L reporting?

Sorry for the long story. I hope you can help me out.

Thanks and Regards,