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Nov 25, 2011 at 08:00 AM

GL Bank overdraft: Average Interest rate / Interest rate of 1st day month


For 1 bank ovedraft account X (a GL account) we use an reference interest rate that changes every day. Here we can use standard SAP

For 2 bank ovedraft accounts (GL accounts) interest calculation is different:

In bank ovedraft account Y the interest rate is taken from the first working day of interest period (in this case - month) - so it means that every day interest is calculated according to the same interest rate.

In bank ovedraft account Z - the base of calculation of interest is the average interest rate from the whole month so over all rates entered during that month.

How can we calculate from the interest rates used for account X (loaded with transaction code TBDM) the other 2 interest rates?

Can these interest rates then be used in the transaction for interest calculation f.52 or FF_1?