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Nov 25, 2011 at 07:01 AM

Service Tax on Freight & Excise duty on Service tax



In Sales Order From Factory,

1)The Service tax on Freight is paid by customer. ie. one condition type exist that is Service tax on Freight,

Since it is service tax, it should hit RG23A part1

2)Also "Education cess" and "Higher Education Cess" are applicable on service tax paid.

we cant enter Education cess"(JECS) and "Higher Education Cess"(JA1X) twice in Sales Order. one to calculatate on Basic and one to calculate on Service tax.

also if i create 2 diff. condition type JECS and JEC1 , JA1X and JA1Y, how to configure that in CIN "Specify G/L Accounts per Excise Transaction" which supports only one conditon type.