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Nov 25, 2011 at 06:57 AM

Upload of roles from ABAP system


Hi Team,

We are uploading ABAP roles into Portal and those appear as groups in portal as our datasource is ABAP.

Our portal version is EHP1 SP8. I have few questions on this.

1. Does the backend role appear by default as group in portal or they appear in portal only after role upload.

2. After role upload is done do we need to assign the role manually into the group

3. In our scenario we are uplading the backend role choosing options "Upload User mapping" while role upload. In this case the users who are assigned to this role in backend are assigned to the group in portal by default and additionally the role is also assigned to these users automatically in portal with out any role assignement manually. Is something wrong in this. Pls clarify.

Technically speaking only backend role should appear as groups in portal and the role should be manually assigned into the group. But in our case users are assigned to group and also to role automatically.

Pls let me know where can i check this.