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Former Member
Nov 24, 2011 at 04:36 PM

Derived Table problem


We needed an extra value brought back from a table depending on other values in the table, so created a derived table with a "CASE" statement. This works perfectly.

There was already a derived table which used the original "real" table, and we replaced this "real" table with our derived one using @DerivedTable(ABC). We're now getting an Oracle error 903 - Invalid Table Name - and looking at the code, the query being passed to Oracle is still in the form @Derived Table() i.e. Business Objects is not replacing it with the sql code correctly.

Earlier, we'd done a sort of "proof of concept" using very simple nested derived tables, and it worked perfectly, so it would appear that this should work?

Everything parses correctly in Designer.

Can anyone suggest what could be causing the error or a way to fix it?