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Nov 24, 2011 at 03:31 PM

To have manual entry through MSC2N transaction


Hello All

This issue is regarding making one of the batch characteristic which is grey in MSC2N field to make it editable/open so that one can do manual entry in case values are not updated.


-This is a class characteristic which is link to quantitative MICu2026which is optional characteristic, after result recording & UD, MIC values get transferred to batch characteristic.

- I know that if I unchecked 'Not Ready for input' field in the class characteristic ->Addnl data tab u2026..field will be editable & if not then grey.

I tested and can do manual entry through MSC2N in all other client (sandbox, development, quality) other than production client.

I tried to uncheck & check this field in production client but still it is grey, not allowing to do manual entry

- In production client, it's not like only one batch have problem, all batches for that material are grey

- In production client, one of the similar batch characteristic link to quantitative MIC which is also optional characteristic (assigned to different class) whose all settings are exactly same, is available for manual entry through MSC2N.


-kindly suggest or give some clue to make that field open/editable so that user can do the manual entry.

-I am suspecting that after changes like when I am unchecking 'Not Ready for input' field in characteristicu2026system is not reading changes done, is there anyway by which we can read the changes (e.g. in production order we read the master data)

Thanks & Regards