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Former Member
Nov 24, 2011 at 11:48 AM

ip_local_port_range - what are the right range


Hi all,

we got a little 'problem'

Currently the range for the dynamic TCP/IP port allocation in our FlexFrame LINUX systems is from 9000 to 65500 (LINUX kernel parameter ip_local_port_range). That means, the pre-defined ports for sapstartsrv (5<inst>13 and 5<inst>14) could possibly be in use by other SAP processes. In that case the following error message in sapstartsrv.log is "soap_bind failed, Webservice thread enters retry loop".

and now I ask myself ... do I have to ignore that or should I define an other range for the ports ? From my point of view I think I cannot tighten the range because I do not know if there is any SAP service in my environment which get problems with a modified range.

I read that Oracle request the range from 9000 to 65000. We use DB2 as database for our SAP services. But I think even with DB2 I'm not able to tighten my range.

Any idea to me how I can get rid of my issue ?

Kind regards

Karlheinz Heger