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Nov 24, 2011 at 10:31 AM

output message


Hello people,

I would like to ask you about output message for sales orders. Here is my idea how it should work.

When I create sales order, output message ZZZZ should appear. But it should be allowed to print only when other condition is fulfilled (existence of some subsequent document). If subsequent document doesn't exist, output couldn't be printed.

I created new output message ZZZZ with requested condtion. But the condition is not fullfilled when sales order is created, it is fullfilled later, so output message is not allowed and is not shown in output messages in sales order. During the process is condition fulfulled and I would like to print sales order. But it is only possible when I enter sales order in change and save - ouput is found then. And that is my problem. I don't want to enter sales order, I just want to print it. Is there any way how to do it using conditions in output? Or other way?

Because other solution is to find this output condition always and in printing programm do the logic. I would like to avoid modification of printing programm.

Thank you.