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Nov 24, 2011 at 09:52 AM

Client copy profiles: SAP_USER SAP_UONL SAP_PROF



I have explained my understanding below and need you experts to confirm the same:

1) Client is not reset when used any of 3 mentioned copy profile.

2) SAP_USER copies Users, Roles, Authorization profile

SAP_UONL copies only Users WITHOUT Roles and Authorization profile

SAP_PROF copies only Roles and Authorization profile WITHOUT Users

I need to understand two things

1) what happens to Role assignment to Users:

As per my understanding using SAP_USER Role assignment of source client will be copied. Using SAP_UONL Role assignment of target client will be intact and not changed and same with SAP_PROF

Could any one please confirm above understanding.

2) If I export one client using SAP_UONL profile and another client using SAP_PROF profile then I perform a client copy (may be using SAP_ALL) on third client and then I import both transport requests (once carrying SAP_UONL from a client, another carrying SAP_PROF from another client) to the target client of copy would it mean that it would contain

Application data from source of client copy +

Users from a client +

Roles and Profile from another client +

Role assignment intact in target client (as have come from source of client copy)

I know it sounds very complex but please try and address my query.

Thanks & Regards,

Kashyap Shah

SAP Technology Consultant