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Nov 24, 2011 at 09:13 AM

DropDown by Key in WD_SALV


Hey there,

I have an Application with an WD_SALV Grid. The Grid contains two Fields, which have a CELL_EDITO set to DROPDOWN_BY_KEY.

At WDDOINIT the first field is filled with main-categories. That's all fine. In order of the choosen value, the second field should have the right valueset for the secondary categorietypes for the main category.

I catch the Event "CHANGE" of the DD_BY_KEY and read the choosen Category. Then I select the secondary categories for the choosen one and bring it over the NODE_INFO-Reference with SET_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE_SET to the Node at the right field. All is fine an no Error comes up. But in the ALV the DD-Field is empty.

What is my mistake? Can anyone help me??

Best regards

Heiner Tiling