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Nov 24, 2011 at 08:49 AM

BRTools or SQLPlus to restore table after unfortunate tablespace drop?


We have had an unfortunate incident after an upgrade here.

I assume something went wrong during the upgrade, which left a lot of tables assigned to a table type which can not be selected and has description ┬źRepositoryswitch tablespace 700┬╗. There are four table types with this description; SLDEF, SLEXC, SSDEF and SSEXC.

The table space was dropped a couple of days after the upgrade. However, there were tables in this table space, and some of them had content too, so recreating the tables is not sufficient, we have to get the content back as well. Among the tables were E071K which is vital for the transport system.

Now our basis people have recreated the affected tables in production and restored a backup from before the tablespace drop to our sandbox system. Unfortunately I have been given the task of figuring out how we best can restore data (table contents) from the affected tables into production.

SQLPlus is an option, and currently the one I am leaning towards. However, since BRTools is a dedicated database management tool I have tried to figure out whether it would be possible to do this using BRTools and whether BRTools does some additional administration which will not be done by SQLPlus - giving us new headaches.

To make matters worse they did a full restore of our test system so we don't have any systems where we can test our approach!