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Nov 24, 2011 at 06:33 AM

F-32 for one time customer code



This is related with F-32 cusomer open item processing. It involves some of these document type....billing type RV , DA i.e. credit memo and many other. After processing open item if debit credit matches with differnce zero system easily post the clearing doc. But when there is difference system passes one document for balance amount. like if more of RV billing doc it will show receivable or vice cersa more of DA type doc it will show advance received right?

Normally System automatically post document for this differnce figure. Document type AB i.e. now my customer will have open item with AB document type till next clearing. However in case of one time customer sytem simulates the documet. Pass first line item with document type AB for differntial amount but shows error 'correct first line litem before posting. '

When i open that line item, it shows business partner data i.e. customer adress is blank and if you filled up that system allows to post.

As per my analysis when i tried to do F-32 for other than one time customer code system flows this address (If more of RV

balance then from RB Billing Type or advance received i.e. more of DA type then that corrosponding document.) But in case of one time customer code we do not maintain master and therefore systm can not find out that adress deatils and ask for it before posting docuemnt. This is as per logic and correctly understandable.

But i want to know is there any other way or config through which system can automatically pick that adress data in case of AB document type for one time customer code?

Kindly note that it happens only with one time customer code and all other customer codes are doing perfect.

Kindly share your views.



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