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Nov 24, 2011 at 06:05 AM

Sales BOM Header Material should not come in J1IJ or delivery



We have one depot plant, Now i am using the sales BOM, I have created one Material header with item category LUFM pricing at item level only, BOM is created, When I am entering the Header material in SO then alll child items are coming, then while creating the delivery all the child items and also the header items is coming in the delivery but same is coming in the J1IJ also I want that the header materal should not come in the J1IJ and it will be better if it is not in delivery if i set the indicator delivery block for header materia in SO then that item si not coming in Delivery but SO is shoing in Open SO as the header material is not delivered.

So is there any setting for this.

Also in quotaion I have maintain the item category assignment I have assign QT - LUFM - AGN

but whhen I am entering the header material in VA21 Ffor which the item category is LUFM system is giving the error message

No item category available (Table T184 QT LUMF )



Edited by: zafar karnalkar on Nov 24, 2011 7:56 AM