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Nov 24, 2011 at 05:35 AM

Web based Orders getting incomplete and not to create PR as well as PO


Dear experts ,

Need your assistance

My sales Process Orders are getting created .Purchase requisition is getting created and based on PR PO is getting created.

All my Sales Orders are Web based one. No control in SAP for creation. Only from VA02 I can check the data in side sales order.

Currently if my Sales Orders are incomplete we are able to Save the Sales Orders(because Web based Orders). And PR is getting created and PO is getting created and from their Data is moving to 3rd party system.

If my Sales Order is incomplete It should not allow us to Save. Because of Web based Orders they are getting created even though if the sales order is incomplete. Once sales Order is created PR will get create and PO is getting created.

Is there any trace I can keep if my sales Order are incomplete it should not created PR as well as PO?

My incompletion logic is working correct. I cannot control through this. Because of web orders .

Can I use any user exist to control not to create PR and PO from Sales Order unless incompletion is filled with required data. I guess I can use USEREXIT_SAVE_Document_Prepare. but required little bit assistance can someone please through some inputs