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Nov 23, 2011 at 04:47 PM

missing complete deltas from ECC to BW for one day in all process areas



We have lost complete deltas from ECC to BW system posted on one day one particular run. But all BW loads were normal and next day loads were normal, but there were no errors/dumps found in BW system. But this issue was identified after some days. Then checked ECC system but no logs/ traces found for the same in ECC as well.

We are still identifying missing documents comparing Application tables and BW baseline DSOs. Still balances are not matching.

Earlier we were thinking it was only LO area (Sales Orders, Billing documents, Deliveries, Shipments, PM orders, Purchasing etc...), but later realized that even some of the FI (AR,...) etc also missing.

Still we could not find the exact reason why we have missed complete deltas in different process areas. Basis team also did not come up with any reason.

Please let us know ..

Thanks a lot.