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Nov 23, 2011 at 02:23 PM

Read the oldest data from the infocube


Hi Experts,

Assume that my cube (say cube name AAAA) has the following characteristics and keyfigures:

Product, Customer, Calendar_month and sold_quantity.

Now i need to read the first month when this product is sold.

For Example, my cube has following data:

Product_A Cust_1 201103 40

Product_A Cust_1 201103 15

Product_A Cust_2 201103 60

Product_A Cust_8 201104 50

Product_A Cust_5 201108 20

Product_A Cust_7 201109 40

Product_A Cust_1 201110 35

Now the output should be

Product_A 201103.

I am using the function module RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ. But the problem is, this function module reads all the data. I could do the ABAP code, it is not a problem. But i don't want to read all the data. I just want to read the first data record from the cube. Is it possible? Do we have some other function module or any other way to read this information?

Thanks and Best Regards,