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Nov 23, 2011 at 02:14 PM

Set up Milestone Billing


Dear SAP gurus,

I have the requirement to set up a milestone billing process in a sales scenario, where I need a billing plan with 3 billing plan lines. Each line has to be calculated with x% of the item net value (e.g. 10%, 10% and 80%).

Following steps I have done so far:

1) Set up necessary item categories

2) Assignement of item categories to order type

2) Customizing of Billing Plan type with 3 Billing Plan lines, with the settings: Usage = "B - Milestone Billing", Milestone Billing = xx% and Flow Category = "MILE"

3) Assignment of billing plan type to item category

When I create now an order with 1 line item with a price value of 100,00u20AC the system creates the billing plan with 3 billing plan line items.

In the billing plan the billing dates with the percentages are correct, but the generated billing plan line items don´t have as net value the calculated value (based on the percentages of the billing plan). Intstead of this, every billing plan line item has the value 100,00u20AC.

For me it seems, that the normal price determination took place.

Do I have to set up something special in the condtion type (I use 0PR0) or do I have to adjust my calcaulation scheme?

I hope anybody can help.

Kind Regards,