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Nov 23, 2011 at 02:14 PM

How many warehouses can we create in SAPB1



Our company is engaged in the shipchandling, i.e we supply goods to ships.

The particularity of this business is that ships can order practically anything from us. Most of the time, they order food and beverage items, but any unexpected item can crop up: a pet rabbit, a Buddha statue, a book, an anti bullet jacket - well anything you can or cannot imagine!

To use the Inventory Module of SAP B1 ver 8.81, we've got to code all stock items we sell, even if we sell once in a blue moon, which means theoretically an 'infinite' list.

I thought a lot about the problem. Really, don't know.

Our SAP consultant proposed an attractive idea:

Treat each incoming ship as a WAREHOUSE. All goods purchased for the ship would be put into this warehouse.

All deliveries would be deducted from this warehouse.

This would streamline and facilitate the work of all staff.

In addition, the accounts dept can easily ensure that all ships which have departed have their stocks zeroised.

My concern is:

If thousands of ships buying from us over the years, we must create thousands of WAREHOUSES, one for each ship!

It's not a problem for us, but ...

Is there any upper limit to the number of WAREHOUSES we can create in SAPB1?

Thanks a lot

Leon Lai