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Nov 23, 2011 at 01:59 PM

Refresh of PA30 after Batch Input in Dynamic Action (T588Z, BDC)


Hi out there,

1. i did dynamic action after change in field trfgr in IT 0008.

2. In called Report/Form i submitted a new report

3 In Called Report i first deque current PERNR and than i update it0008 LGART (Payment)

So far, so good.

But after comming back (leaving save event) to main screen of PA30 (the screen where to choose IT) and clicking DISPLAY

IT 0008, the changes in LGART are not visible.

When i click the EDIT Icon by choosing IT0008 the update, did before, appears.

So the problem is...i first have to leave transaction an then starting again.

Is there any commit/buffer problem?

I already try to play again a bdc map, to simulate upper steps (calling IT0008 in edit mode) in background. But still the same effect.