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Nov 23, 2011 at 01:49 PM

IN ABUMN System Reversed Dep on current year for Sending Asset



While Posting ABUMN System Reversing the Sending Asset Depreciation For Current Year.

For EX:- Asset no-71000038 (sending Asset)-in-2010 Aqu value-47873 Ord Dep-14986

2011 -Dep up to Nov-2653

Now I posted ABUMN-Asset no-71000038 Select-New Asset-Cost center,Plant,Capitalization date

In Additional Details-Transfer variant-4,Partial transfer-Select-Prior year Acquisition....Save

Now System creating New Asset and posting Values .Here System Transfering -47,873 Acq values and Dep-14986 but not-17639 Why?

And Also Sender Asset Dep value is Reversed.Means Current Period-Period 8-Dep-+6000, So First System After ran Dep through AFAB system posting dep values -(minus)now ABUMN system posting Total periods Values +(plus)SO Dep is reversed.Only for Current Year.

in ABUMN-Entry is

1 75 20100008 000071000038 0000 47,873.00- TTY-300

2 70 20200008 000071000038 0000 14,986.00 TTY-390

3 70 20100008 000071000050 0000 47,873.00 TTY-310

4 75 20200008 000071000050 0000 14,986.00- TTY-395

Why system reversing Dep And also why system not adding current year dep in transfer posting.

Can anybody help me.