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Nov 23, 2011 at 01:00 PM

Currency conversion with variable in selection mask with problems


Hi Gurus,

I want to implement a currency conversion as follows:

when the query is opened a selection screen should appear and the whole data which is with Euro currency should be possible to translate in USD, GBP, FRF (depends on which currency the user is choosing).

I did a conversion with a variable with default value USD but I am not able to insert multiple currencies like GBP and FRF as default value/ suggestion in variable.

I created a variable on 0Currency with following adjustments:

- Processing By: Manual Input/Default Value.

- Reference Characteristic (0CURRENCY) Currency.

- Variable Represents: Single Value.

- Ready for input: checked

- default value: USD.

With adjustment "variable represents" > "single value" it is not possible to insert two or three currencies as default value.

When changing "variable represents" to "multiple single values" or to "selection option" it is possible to insert two or three currencies as default value.

But when the variable is saved with "multiple single values" or "selection option" the variable doesn´t appear in currency translation type in tab currency when selecting target currency with option "target currency from variable".

Any idea why the variable doesn´t appear with adjustments with "multiple single values" or "selection option"?

Or any idea how it is possible to achieve my whished currency conversion?

Thanks in advance!