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Nov 23, 2011 at 12:39 PM

BPC 7.5NW: Unable to run the first consolidation in the IFRS Starter Kit



As part of a pilot/trial implementation of BPC 7.5NW IFRS Starter Kit, I want to run the consolidation process for the first period -1 (31 Mar 11). Following the instructions in the configuration guide, I have:

-Entered all of the closing balances in F99.

-Imported the historical values of equity in LC and reporting currency.

-Entered the exchange rates and the ownership parameters.

-Entered all of the inter-company balances, as well as their break-up by counter-party.

I have managed to run the currency conversion data package but am stuck on running the consolidation DP. The error message is:

Data for category ACTUAL not found in application CONSOLIDATION.

The error message doesn't make any sense. Would anyone be able to help on this?

Many thanks in advance.