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Nov 23, 2011 at 10:48 AM

WAD 7.0 -> SET_CURRENCY_TRANSLATION does not work???


hi folks,

I have a query with one keyfigure. In my webtemplate i want to use the command SET_CURRENCY_TRANSLATION. We have an existing currency translation type in rscur. Name of the transalation type is ZST. I made a button group item in my wad to translate the currency with currency translation type ZST

<bi:BUTTON_GROUP_ITEM name="BUTTON_GROUP_ITEM_1" designheight="23" designwidth="300" >
                <bi:BUTTON_LIST type="ORDEREDLIST" >
                    <bi:BUTTON type="COMPOSITE" index="1" >
                        <bi:CAPTION value="SSSS" />
                        <bi:ACTION type="CHOICE" value="INSTRUCTION" >
                            <bi:INSTRUCTION >
                                <bi:SET_CURRENCY_TRANSLATION >
                                    <bi:TARGET_DATA_PROVIDER_REF_LIST type="ORDEREDLIST" >
                                        <bi:TARGET_DATA_PROVIDER_REF index="1" value="DP_1" />
                                    <bi:TRANSLATION_MODE value="ZST" />

unfortunately, nothing happens.. when i define the currency translation directly in the bex query, it works perfect.

I guess there is another problem. When i execute my wad I choose "Calculations and Translations -> Global Currency Translation" on the Pop-Up i can only choose the SAP standard translation type 0HRFIXCUR. Why can't I see my translation type ZST?

Thanks for your help