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Nov 23, 2011 at 09:56 AM

How to make an APD use InfoCube aggregates



I'm working on a BW7.0 system and have the following scenario.

There is a MultiProvider based on a single InfoCube. On the MP, there is a BEx query that is used as the source for an APD. The APD is a simple one - it just takes the query result and writes it to a DSO. Now, the APD is extremely slow - it's unable to process 1000 records within 24 hrs.

I created an aggregate on the underlying InfoCube. When I ran the BEx query in RSRT, I was able to confirm (by looking at the generated SQL) that the query was hitting the aggregate. Yet when I run the APD, there seems to be no improvement in speed. My guess is that the APD is still not using the aggregate.

So my questions are

1. Is there a way to find out whether the APD is hitting the aggregate or not?

2. Is there a way to ensure that the APD does indeed hit the aggregate?