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Nov 23, 2011 at 09:40 AM

Link BPC consolidation information to Detail


Hi experts,

We are currently advising a client evaluating BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation.

They are asking whether it's possible to drilldown to detailed information that would not be located in the consolidation application. For example drilling from a sales balance in the consolidation application to the line items invoices comprising the balance.

1. What are the options that are used to meet this requirement?

One thought is to upload the invoice detail to another application and then link it to the consolidation application.

Is this a possibility? If so how would one define the link u2013 by entity by account and other consolidation dimensions? How is this setup and maintained in BPC?

2. Are there other ways to meet this requirement?

Other possibilities include using statistical accounts in the consolidation app assuming the data is not too voluminous. Again how would one drill down from the financial balance?


Eyal Feiler