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Nov 23, 2011 at 08:49 AM

B1 Usability Package, Remoteapp, mstsc freeze


I'm writing this post in hopes that someone out there can provide me some kind of idea, or resolution to a current problem Jim having. Ill try to describe the issue as well as i can.

We had ran SAP 8.8 with Boyum usability package 4.2.2 for months without any issues. Clients connect to sap using Microsoft remote application gateway.

Over the past weekend i had upgraded to 8.81 PL6 and installed B1UP 4.3. Now when clients connect to SAP (using remote application gateway) everything in sap works untill a sales order is opened and a BP number is entered that is over the credit limit. At that time MSTSC.EXE hangs. The same thing is true on Service calls with a customer over credit limit.

If B1UP is not started, SAP works as expected.

Since this problem was discovered dive upgraded SAP to 8.81 PL9, and the problem continues. I've also tried to downgrade B1UP to both 4.2.2 and 4.1 and still the same problem. Along with both of those i have also tried to enable "run as administrator" and "run in windows xp sp3 compatibility" on SAP.exe, the sapbouicom.exe, b1up.exe.

The above problem happens 100% of the time when sap is launched though the application gateway. When a normal terminal connection is made the problem only happens about 1/15 or so attempts but each attempt the user's ability to click 'OK' or 'Cancel' is drastically slower then normal almost as if it wants to crash but finally works(anywhere from 3-9sec).

Other things ive noticed:

No error logs are created on the terminal server. The only error logged from windows is found on client and its a "apphangb1 mstsc.exe";

SAP logs do not show anything related to this error.

It does not seem that SAP itself is freezing. Once mstsc crashes, i am able to reconnect to the open terminal session and sap allows the user to now select OK or Cancel to the "over credit limit" popup box as if nothing happend.

I was also able to disable all B1UP functions while the addon is running and the error does not happen. Its only when any B1UP functions that effect the forms are loaded that the apphang happens.

All client computers are up to date with the most current version of remote desktop connection, and we run on both windows xp and windows 7 machines.

Thanks for your time everyone, i will be happy to provide any more information if necessicary.