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Nov 23, 2011 at 08:24 AM

Standard program ( MB51 ) - Implicit enhancement points -Transport Request


I added two implicit enhancement points (Z_RM07DOCS_X and Z_RM07DOCS_Y) into the standard program RM07DOCS (T. MB51). Also, i have written a program includes Z_RM07DOCS_INCLUDE, which should be included in the program RM07DOCS, with enhancement point Z_RM07DOCS_Y.

For the moment, i assigned all these changes to a transport request with package "$TMP".

When saving the program RM07DOCS (with the enhancement points included), the system did not ask me to assign the changes to a transport request in the usual way.

Now, i want to transport everything from system DEV to system QAS.

My questions are:

1) Which package do i assign at the a transport request, for two implicit enhancement points? I read somewhere, that should not be "Z package". Why not?

2) How can i transport the standard program RM07DOCS? With SE38 (goto -> object directory entry), I saw that its original package is "MB".

3) Can I add, in a single transport requests, all changes (implicit enhancement points: Z_RM07DOCS_X Z_RM07DOCS_Y, Z_RM07DOCS_INCLUDE program includes custom and standard SAP program RM07DOCS? If yes, with which package?