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Nov 23, 2011 at 08:06 AM

Help needed on table view popup


I have created custom popup(table view) and able to display the data in the same.

I have created the button(BT108H_LEA/LeadOVViewSet) in the toolbar in lead overview screen in web ui and when I clicks the button popup is triggering.

I want to transfer the selected record from popup to products assignment block in the overview.

Please help me how to transfer the data from popup to products.

What I did:

1. I have created the custom view(popup view) and context node in the component BT108H_LEA.

2. Created the new window (pop window)and embed the popup view in the runtime repository.

3. Added in the interface view as pop window.

4. Created Component Usages with the popup window.

5. Triggering the popup when the user clicks the button and populating the data in the popup in DO_PREPARE_OUTPUT method of custom view(popup view).

6. Now I want to transfer the data from popup to products assignment block.

Example: popup data

item product

10 Mat100

If I select row from the above popup how to fill the data in the below component(view).

Products assignment block in the lead.

item product qty UOM description