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Nov 23, 2011 at 07:27 AM

Rounding in Production order


Hi all,

In our production orders some of them have few quantities produced. If 10 PCE

of componants are required with a scrap of 10%, SAP proposes a backflush

quantity of 10,1 PCE rounded to 11 PCE. It means a difference of 0,9 between

real consumption and backflush proposition.

How can I round correctly 10.1 PCE to 10 PCE instead of 11 PCE in this case.

First I added working quantity UN which deals with numeric for the composant

and work with UN instead of PCE.

I tried to customized rounding profile in MRP2, working with Tcode OWD1 for

examples, maintain rouding profile and unit of measurement rules , thus

creating a rounding down rule of 50% for UN. But it failed.

Can you explain me how to deal with accurate rounding ( from 10.0 UN to 10.4

UN -> rounded to 10 UN, from 10.5 UN to 10.9 UN -> rounded to 11 UN) instead of

the by-default from 10.1 UN to 11 UN -> rounded to 11 UN) ?

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