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Nov 23, 2011 at 07:00 AM

Excise base amount in LOcal currency in J1IG and How to cancel old



I have two query for depot plant

1: In case of import material PO currcny is JPY, now after PO I have done the GR then ref. to GR number I am doing the J1IG in J1IG in the column Excise base the default amount is coming from the PO but it is in PO currency JPY , we required this amount in INR, so is there any setting for this.

2: Aftre PO i have made the GR then ref. to GR i have create the RG entry with J1IG , but there is some problem in the RG entry so i want to reverse / cancel that, which step to be follow for this My GR is OK , i read in some thered it can be done with J1IJ but how to cancel it .