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Nov 23, 2011 at 12:48 AM

CE Payroll Error: Some personnel assgmts can not have PY run together


We are testing our Support pack / YELC implementation and have the following payroll error for around 100 employees:

"Some personnel assgmts can not have payroll run together."

I'm wondering if some of conversion records for these employees are causing a problem. Our go-live date was in 2007 but some of them have changes to the payroll area on different dates depending on which assignment you're looking at. In most cases the inconsistent payroll area is on a withdrawn assignment - so it should not be going through payroll, correct? I wouldn't think a withdrawn assignment should mattter, and I'm not sure why payroll is now looking back this far.

It is strange that the support pack implementation is all of a sudden prompting an error with these people, as they've been OK running through payroll for several years now.

Anyone have an idea as to what is causing this?