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Nov 22, 2011 at 04:32 PM

Batch History in Batch Management Cockpit: index report not updating table


After having setup batch history for the batch management cockpit (e.g. definition of the BRO types, ...) I have done an initial run with RVBOBJTABUPD to fill the table TOBJ_D_INDEX with data for one material. This worked out without any issues and the history data can be displayed in the BMBC.

Now I have modified some of the BRO (batch related object) types, e.g. added additional fields (like event time) or modified them (like removal of one attribute and addition of another one).

I now would expect to run the report again, and then get these changes to be reflected in the history. This does not work for me, the data/table seems to be not updated. Only new data is added, the existing one remains untouched.

The following checks I already performed:

- deactivated all BRO in the customizing, ran the report, activated them again and ran the report again -> no change

- checked OSS: as we are on Rel 604 SP 0009 the notes for RVBOBJTABUPD are already in the system

Does anyone have an idea how to also update existing data within this table?