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Nov 22, 2011 at 04:10 PM

Default Profit Center - automatically generated doc split in KSV5


Hello Experts,

We are running Distribution Cycle (T-code KSV5). Because we have large number of receivers, the number of lines which are getting posted is more than 999. We used business transaction SPL (Table T030) & assign a GL Code for document split. Now when we run the distribution cycle, we are getting 2 documents posted. The issue is that the new line so generated does not get a profit center value.

We configured 3KEH to assign a default center for the GL code. However, this configuration is not working.

We can not use OKB9 as the GL Code is not a cost element.

Pls advise as to is there any other way we can configure so that a default center should be assigned to the split line item.

Thanking you in advance,