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REISROOC Output Enhancement

Dec 21, 2016 at 08:34 AM


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Good Day Gurus,

I have a requirement that requests the enhancement of standard RE program 'REISROOC' to enable the addition of new fields.

What I need to know is:

1- How to add the fields on the output of this standard report.

1-1 If we are to add an append structure on 'REIS_RO_L' under BADI 'BADI_REIS_LIST'

where will the reading and filling to those appended fields be? (as i should read from a

ztable where the details I want to display are stored already).

2- How to copy this report into Z on, as it is calling a Class 'CL_REIS_START' - which calls 136 reports within - which one will the enhancement effect.

Can you please describe in a step by step manner how to do so,

Many thanks.

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Raymond Giuseppi
Dec 22, 2016 at 01:08 PM

What did you already try, did you read the BAdI documentation (filter values, method lists, etc)

NB: For reference REISROOC is a transaction not a program.


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Muhja Albakri Dec 25, 2016 at 06:39 AM

Hello Raymond,

As per the following Link :

I have to add/Append on some structure to enable the addition of fields on the Standard ALV in REISROOC, for Occupants details. What can i use? there is a structure named 'REIS_ROOCCUPANCY_L' that says its for Occupants, but the actual Data for occupants should come from a Ztable already containing the info, where can i pass that? under the same BADI/structure section of the code? or there is another BADI.

I'm totally clueless about this :S


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Muhja Albakri Dec 29, 2016 at 11:50 AM

Hi Raymond,

I have Added the fields on the Structure 'REIS_RO_OCCUPANCY_L' and then Created an implementation of BADI '

BADI_REIS_LIST' and used the example existing. but still its not working.

I can see the values coming in the background in class 'CL_REIS_DATA' Method 'EXIT_CHANGE_OUTPUT_DATA' but the values are not

displayed in the ALV in REISROOC. what could be missing here?

Any Idea?


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Did you also check/adapt the field catalog in method CHANGE_DISPLAY_OPTIONS?



Hi Raymond,

The only sample of the BADI I have is : CL_EXM_IM_REIS_LIST, nothing is changed on the CHANGE_DISPLAY_OPTIONS method. Can you provide a sample please.

In CHANGE_OUTPUT_DATA method, they are adding the fields like the following (but I don't want to concatenate) :

CASE flt_val.
WHEN 'BE'. "business entity
* modify fields or fill fields appended to REIS_BE_L
* for example: suit address field to your needs
* >>>city.street.house_number<<<
LOOP AT ct_output_data ASSIGNING <ls_be_l>.
CONCATENATE <ls_be_l>-city1
INTO <ls_be_l>-xaddress


  1. Add the required code in In the change data method to map you zzfields (some select) set a break-point are the data filled, else correct your code.
  2. Set a break-point in the change display options method and check if your zzfields are present in the field catalog, else you have to add those. (Also execute the report BALVBUFDEL to refresh ALV buffer)



Hi Raymond,

Thanks for the directions, its working now.

what I did was as follows:

1- Created a new Z Implementation of the Standard BADI called 'BADI_REIS_LIST' Using tcode SE19

2- Made it as a copy from Sample

3- Created the ZCL Class for it

4- Append your desired fields on one of the supported structure (depends on the case), mine was structure 'reis_ro_occupancy_l' Save & activate

5- Adjusted 'IF_EX_REIS_LIST~CHANGE_OUTPUT_DATA' by Adding the following code:

5-1 define a new Field Symbol of type structure (the one you need to add, in my case it was reis_ro_occupancy_l .

5-2 Under 'CASE flt_val.' Place your reading/value passing code under the correct When condition my case was 'ROOC'.

5-3 Save & activate

6- Adjusted 'IF_EX_REIS_LIST~CHANGE_DISPLAY_OPTIONS' by adding the following:

6-1 Defined 2 Field Symbols one for table type and one for structure type of field catalog (lvc_t_fcat &


6-2 Assigned the ct_fieldcatalog to the table type symbol. Looped at it and pass to Structure field symbol.

6-3 check Field Names (for your new fields the ones appended on the structure in step 4), then make the NO_OUT field value = space. To enable the display of the additional fields.

7- I ran Report 'BALVBUFDEL' in SE80 & executed it once.

Thanks & Regards

Franz Posch
Dec 30, 2016 at 03:40 PM

Hi Muhja,

could you please check if the fields that you added are contained in the list of possible fields in the ALV?

If not then maybe you need to refresh the ALV buffers with transaction BALVBUFDEL.

Best regards,


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Hi Franz,

Is BALVBUFDEL a Tcode? Can't seem to find it.


chandra madapati Jan 03, 2017 at 01:10 PM


BALVBUFDEL is a program, you have to run this from SE38 / SA38 to clear ALV buffer.

It will not show any output after execution.

Thanks and Regards,


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