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Nov 22, 2011 at 03:36 PM

Goods Receipt DTW - Possible to update existing batch details?


Hello experts,

Using the three templates OIGE, IGE1, and BTNT I've managed to perform some Inventory Adjustments BY BATCH using DTW.

The issue I am having is that some of the fields in BTNT are not updating in SAP despite a successful DTW instance depending on whether the batchnumber is pre-existing or is new.

If the batch already exists, quantities are being receiving as expected but additional data such as "Notes", "InternalSerialNumber", and even some user-defined fields we have created for Appearance, Inventory Tag Number, etc. will not update. I have checked DTW mapping and it is setup correctly.

In fact, if the batch number defined in BTNT is NEW to the system these additional details load up as expected, only when it is a quantity update on the batch number do they not. I thought that since the quantity of a pre-existing batch is being update successfully via this method the other "Batch Details" should update as well.

Can anyone provide insight as to whether it is possible (and if so how) to update these batch details during a Goods Receipt or Goods Issue DTW for pre-existing batches or will it only do it for a brand new batch #?

Thanks very much,