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Difference/ Impact of Service Ticket and Work Ticket - C4C Service

Dec 21, 2016 at 08:33 AM


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can someone please explain me the difference between the service ticket (SEOD_TICKETMD_SADL_WCVIEW) and the work ticket (COD_WORK_TICKET_WCVIEW) and what impact does both of them have in C4C?

What I already read is:

Work ticket:

  • just for technicians
  • has the check box "requires work"
  • resource scheduler creates work tickets for the technicians out of the assignments


  • List of all customer tickets
  • same Tabs available as in work tickets

My question is about the impact on the way these two objects are used in the process and work together with other features. Is it possible to just use tickets or just work tickets? At the moment our system is configured just with tickets on which the time of the technicians and products are booked. Is there something I can do only with work tickets? Or the other way round, just with ticket? And in respect to the integration to SAP ERP does the integration have tickets or work tickets as prerequisite?

Thanks for information. I looked in the admin guide, but there the difference didn't become clear for me.

Kind regards,


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Ketan Patil Jan 03, 2017 at 11:44 AM

Hi Deborah,

Your current system set up is fine.

There are three things in your Service Workcenter as follows -

A) Queue

In Queue you can see list of only the open and in process items / tickets. By this I mean items/tickets coming in from different channels and which are still open & in process status.

B) Tickets

In tickets view you can see a list of all only customer tickets, including completed tickets as well.

C) Work Tickets

This view only has those tickets where service technicians need to work on them.

Service technician will only find the tickets in Service work center under Work Tickets with a pre-defined filter as 'My Work Tickets'.

Also with respect to below question -

And in respect to the integration to SAP ERP does the integration have tickets or work tickets as prerequisite?

Answer - Wrt to C4C-ERP integration; there is a field named processing type in tickets under service and repair view below items section. This processing type shall trigger follow up action documents in SAP ERP. Since we have this field in tickets in general and not specifically in work tickets only so there is no dependency as such.



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Hi Ketan,

thanks for your repsonse! The question for me now is if all fields from work ticket are in the tickets also exisitng, do I need work tickets? The currently/planned set-up in our system is that the service technicians directly put their working time/ travel time, expenses and consumed materials in the "Service and Repairs" tab from the ticket. Is this OK? Or do you see any disadvantages with this procedure?

Best regards,



Hi Deborah,

I think this is perfectly OK since "Service and Repairs" is only place where we have got to update these details and No disadvantages either.




Ok great. Thank you Ketan!